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Macarons are priced at $1.25 per piece.

*Special large orders for 100+ macarons and a MAXIMUM of 5 flavors will be $1.10 per macaron* (special packaging may cost extra)

**Macarons are best consumed at room temperature and can be frozen for up to a month in an airtight container--they thaw within minutes and the taste is not affected**

Please bear in mind--macarons are fragile things. I do my very best to keep them intact and package them gently, but sometimes a few can still get a bit broken (although they still taste scrumptious!) due to random circumstances. Please order extras for large events if presentation is very important.





The Mila – Blue shells filled with fresh raspberry jam and elderflower cream

Very Vanilla – Vanilla bean-flecked, brown sugar shells with a creamy vanilla filling (Funfetti optional)

Chocolate sea salt – Chocolate shells sprinkled with fleur de sel, paired with a luscious chocolate filling that melts in your mouth

Biscoff – Vanilla bean macaron shells with a creamy Biscoff filling (Biscoff is a European spread similar to gingerbread/speculoos)*

Sesame Noir - black sesame shells with a vanilla or green tea cream filling

Pistella - pistachio shells with a chocolate-hazelnut filling

Chai Chocolat - chocolate shells with a chai spiced filling

Arabian Rose - Pink shells with a rose water flavored cream filling

Lavender - Purple shells with a lavender cream filling

Salty Caramel - Classic shells filled with salted caramel buttercream

Thai Coconut – Thai tea infused (orange) shells with a whipped coconut cream filling

Bourbon Pecan – Pecan-brown sugar shells with a Bourbon cream filling sprinkled with some vanilla sea salt

Creme de Cassis – Blue shells filled with a lovely, tangy black currant curd.

London Fog – Shells flecked with Earl Grey tea leaves and filled with Earl Grey infused cream

Berry Jasmine - White shells filled with a jasmine flavored four fruit jam




Cannelle Spice – Intensely cinnamon shells with a spicy chocolate ganache

Arabian Rose - Shells filled with orange blossom, ginger, and rose cream

Chai Chocolat - chocolate shells with a chai spiced filling

Anise - Classic shells with an delicate licorice cream filling




Passionfruit - Poppy seed flecked shells with a passionfruit curd filling

Citron - Classic yellow shells filled with a creamy lemon curd 

Raspberry - Classic pink shells filled with fresh raspberry jam 

Coconut - coconut shells with a coconut cream filling

Blackberry - Blackberry jelly filling

Apricot - apricot jelly filling



Hazelnut Mocha – Espresso chocolate shells with a hazelnut cream filling

Bailey’s Chocolate – chocolate shells with a Bailey’s infused cream filling

Chai Chocolat – chocolate shells with a chai infused filling

Salty Caramel – chocolate or regular shells with a salted caramel filling

Chocolate Fleur de Sel – Chocolate shells flecked with vanilla sea salt and filled with chocolate ganache

Mocha – Espresso shells filled with luscious chocolate ganache

PB&C - chocolate shells with peanut butter chocolate ganache

Pistella – pistachio shells with nutella filling (costs a bit extra due to price of pistachio flour)

**Limited Flavors (updated July 2014)**

Minty Mocha - Espresso flavored shells with peppermint cream filling

Pain d'épice – Chocolate, espresso, or regular shells filled with a spiced up gingerbread cream

Eggnog – Vanilla shells with an eggnog cream filling, sprinkled with nutmeg

Candy Cane – Candy cane red and white shells with a creamy mint filling

Pumpkin Spice - pumpkin spiced ganache filling


 *Bischoff is not gluten-free but the other flavors are. None of these are made in a gluten-free facility so if you have strong allergies to gluten, please beware*


Mila, Sweets is a small business based in St. Louis, Missouri that currently sells homemade macarons at Whisk: A Sustainable Bakeshop and Larder & Cupboard.

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