Mila LLC

French Macarons 25/Box

French macarons are perfect for tea parties or afternoon snack with a nice cup of coffee or tea. They also make a lovely gift or party favor.

My macarons are about 1.75 inches.

Enjoy them upon arrival or please store them in your fridge right after receiving them  (or your freezer for up to a week.)

Remove from fridge and let them sit at room temperature for 15-30 minutes before serving.

I only ship Monday through Wednesday to ensure freshness, and shipping takes approx 3-4 days.

You may choose up to 8 different flavors.

+$5 for a tin giftbox.

*Tin giftboxes must be used for shipping to ensure the macarons arrive in one piece*

**Macarons are best consumed at room temperature and can be frozen for up to a month in an airtight container--they thaw within minutes and the taste is not affected**


Mila, Sweets is a small business based in St. Louis, Missouri that currently sells homemade macarons at Whisk: A Sustainable Bakeshop and Larder & Cupboard.

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