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Cakes are for local delivery or pick up only! Apologies for any inconvenience.

Please specify any custom decorations.

I use only the highest quality ingredients in all my desserts. All my flavors and decorations are customizable, just let me know!

Prices start at $28
+FREE custom writing
+$5 and above for other custom decoration

Whiteout – Classic vanilla bean cupcake or cake with a vanilla cream frosting (funfetti optional)

Classic Birthday Cake – Super fluffy yellow butter cake with a luscious, creamy chocolate frosting
Snickerdoodle Bundt – Soft, light cake with ribbons of cinnamon sugar; best eaten plain with tea or coffee.

Carrot – classic carrot cake infused with chai spices and my personal cream cheese frosting (nuts or fruits optional)

Ooey Gooey butter – extra gooey but not-too-sweet classic version of a St Louis favorite, any other flavor add-ons optional

Red Velvet – classic, moist, perfect red velvet cake with creamy mascarpone/cream cheese frosting (white chocolate cream cheese frosting optional)

Japanese cheesecake – pillowy soft and light cake with fruit jam filling, plain or topped with a fluffy mascarpone frosting.

Cheesecake – fruit of your choice, American style, creamy and rich

Chocolate chai spice – Chocolate cake infused with chai spices and topped with classic chocolate frosting

Cookies n Creme – cupcakes filled with crushed oreo cookies (with an oreo half on the bottom) and topped with a cookies n cream frosting (peanut butter, or peppermint oreos optional)

Peppermint mocha – Mocha cupcakes with a peppermint-y frosting

Peaches n Creme – Fluffy vanilla cupcakes with hints of ginger and cinnamon… filled with fresh peaches and topped with a creme fraiche tangy frosting

Peppermint – Peppermint vanilla cakes with a candy-cane frosting

Salty Caramel – soft vanilla cake with a sinfully delicious salted caramel buttercream that will melt in your mouth

Pistachio Chocolate – Slightly dense and heavenly pistachio cupcakes topped with a cream chocolate ganache. (GF available)

Special Occasion Chocolate Cake – Devil’s food cake with alternating layers of dark, milk, and white chocolate mousses, topped with an espresso mascarpone frosting


Mila, Sweets is a small business based in St. Louis, Missouri that currently sells homemade macarons at Whisk: A Sustainable Bakeshop and Larder & Cupboard.

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